They just flat out Rocked

Providing direct support for the headliner was Jackstand from Detroit. They are fronted by Daniel Ahearn on vocals and harmonica. Rounding out the lineup is Bradley Matheny (guitar), John Isom (bass), and Danny Smith (drums). Jackstand has been playing live shows since 2012 and has opened for national acts including Saliva, Autograph, and Molly Hatchett and many,many more to date.

Jackstand revved up the crowd for the evening; they just flat-out rocked the house. Smith and Isom laid down a powerful groove while Metheny provided the catchy guitar hooks. Frontman Ahearn knew how to work the stage and got the people out of their seats and moving. The band blazed through a set that included the songs “Crash n Burn,” “Rodeo,” and “Going Insane.” Jackstand is a great band to see live; they offer powerful songs and entertaining to watch.